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Number Crunch: YouTube in Australia

Posted By: Alana Jessica Ward

Number Crunch: YouTube in Australia

Since its launch in Australia on October, 2007, YouTube has emerged as the country's most popular video viewing platform. We took a look at a number of national engagement statistics to understand how Australians are interacting with the platform.

11 million unique Australian viewers

SocialMediaNews statistics show that of May 2012, there are approximately 11 million unique Australian viewers visiting YouTube’s site every month.

29% of large businesses on YouTube

Sensis’ Yellow Social Media Report indicates that as of June 2012, 4% of Australian small businesses, 5% of medium businesses and 29% of large businesses have a social media presence on YouTube.

#1 Video site in Australia

ComScore’s 2011 Australian Online Video rankings report shows that YouTube accounts for the vast majority of videos viewed online in Australia.

Average 10 hours of video per month

ComScore’s report also revealed that Australian viewers averaged more than 10 hours of total online viewing time per month in 2011.

4.3 million new viewers in 2011

YouTube experienced steady growth in 2011, gaining another 4.3 million viewers throughout the year on top of the 6.8 million unique Australian viewers that were already visiting the site every month in 2010.

You can access YouTube's official Australian blog here.

Posted By: Alana Jessica Ward

Tags: Statistics,YouTube


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